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Core Value
Visa Procedures


Selection Procedure

Initial Screening

Suitable CVs. from Databank will be forwarded to Clients for short     listing and pre-selection.

Interview Call

After receiving initial clearance of suitable candidates, the information for their interview is conveyed immediately.  

Final Selection

All candidates selected preliminary are required to pass through the interview board of highly qualified and experience staff and upon successful completion of this stage, they are put through the phase of   practical test. Candidates securing good grades in their trade are considered fit and selected for employment. However; SFOEA encourages its values clients to finalize the selection with their own involvement.  

Follow Up

Holding selected candidates till receipt of Visas.
Arranging medical examination, Visa stamping, Emigration clearance and timely deployment of selected candidates.
Post deployment follow-up.    

Orientation of the Immigrant
Prior to dispatch of any immigrant everybody is to attend the orientation course. The purpose of this course is to explain the workers his   Job Specification Job Description Working Hours, salary, overtime, leave, accommodation and Dos & Donts during the continuance of employment. International travels and related laws  

Despatch Of Workers

We are capable of organizing a dispatch of above 40 to 50 workers including tradesmen and unskilled workers with in a period of    30 – 45 days after receiving the legal documents.  As a part of feedback information, we always notify our principal well in advance, as to the flight of the workers to keep them sufficiently posted.  

Backup and Support Services

We provide our clients with different sort of backup and support services like our representative will visit the job sites and offices of the employer once in every six months to assist them on various personnel related affairs. If required, earlier visits are also possible. Such visits boost up the morale of the workers.  If necessary, we will provide the services of all money transfer between the worker and his family including bank account operations


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