Shaheen Foundation


40 bedded Category ‘C’ THQ Hospital Fort Munro was established by GoPb in 2011 stretched over an area of 20 Kanals and constructed at a cost of Rs 157.5 Mil having all necessary medical equipment. It remained non-operational till 01 Jul, 2018.

Contract agreement between PAF and GoPb was signed on 20 May, 2018 and PAF assumed the control of hospital wef 02 July, 2018 as “Primary Health Care Facility”

Management of the hospital was transferred from PAF to Shaheen Foundation wef 01 Mar, 2019 under a Contract Agreement between PAF and Shaheen Foundation.

Commencement of “Indoor Treatment’’ was initially planned wef 01 January, 2020. However, it started wef 12 Feb, 2021. Total of 1, 64,942 patients (80,963 Male), (36,696 Female) and (47,283 Children) have been given medical treatment till 31 Jul, 2021 by spending Rs 49.3M on medicines.

Visit to THQ - 2021