Shaheen Foundation
Governance Structure
Committee of Administration (CoA) is the policy board of the organization. It is responsible for defining the strategic direction of the Foundation without its involvement in day-to-day functioning. Major decisions in investments, disinvestments, financial and welfare operations are approved by CoA. As the highest statutory body, it is invested with the powers necessary to govern these affairs and meet the objectives of the Foundation as laid down in the Constitution.
  • Composition
  • Chairman
    • Chief of the Air Staff
  • Vice Chairman
    • Vice Chief of the Air Staff
  • Members
    • Deputy Chief of the Air Staff (Operations)
    • Deputy Chief of the Air Staff (Administration)
    • Deputy Chief of the Air Staff (Support)
    • Deputy Chief of the Air Staff (Personnel)
    • Deputy Chief of the Air Staff (Training)
    • Deputy Chief of the Air Staff (Engineering)
    • Director General of Air Intelligence
    • Director General of Air Force Strategic Command
    • Director General C4I
    • Director General Projects
    • Director General Security
    • Inspector General Air Force
    • Managing Director, Shaheen Foundation
  • Secretary
    • Secretary, Shaheen Foundation
Board of Directors
Board of Directors (BoD) functions at the executive level for control, management, supervision, planning and direction of all industrial, commercial and welfare operations of the Foundation, within the laid down mandate and policies. The Managing Director Shaheen Foundation directs and oversees the daily operations of the Foundation with the assistance of the Directors and the Management.
  • Composition
  • Chairman
    • Managing Director, Shaheen Foundation
  • Members
    • Chief Executive SAT
    • Director Admin & HR
    • Director Finance
    • Director Projects 1
    • Director Projects 2
    • Director Projects 3
    • Executive Director SAPS
    • Director Audit & Recovery
    • Director Legal
  • Secretary
    • Secretary, Shaheen Foundation